POI for OSM, Wikipedia and more

Hi everyone,

I’m looking into developing an open source project to take the concept of POI to the next level.
This idea is still in early stages and I haven’t started developing anything yet.
I wanted to ask if you know anything that is still maintained that incorporate both osm data, wikipedia data and other more subjective data (facebook comments maybe).
Also if anyone would like to contribute to a project like that (mainly coding time).

Would love to hear what the community has to say about that.

Have you had a look at this site from a Dutch OSM member?:


I have, briefly, as far as I could see it only incorporates OSM data which is not so subjective - you can’t comment on a place, tell other users if this place is any good, upload images etc, which is great for OSM but not so for POIs.
Also Wikipedia has extra data on POIs which as far as I can see is not in OpenPOIMap, but I might be missing stuff as I haven’t fully tried to play with this tool.

Wikipedia data is visible in OpenPoiMap, but only if it is included in the OSM data!
Unfortunately, this is not very often the case, mostly for geographic info:

(btw, I’m the developer of OpenPoiMap).

Thanks for the info, but I’m looking for something more “holistic”, I want to be able to incorporate data from multiple sources (not have to be just OSM and wiki). I couldn’t find anything that fit my needs so I’ll probably implement something, if anyone is interested in joining in let me know using this thread and once I’ll setup an initial repository with an architecture overview and technology stack I’ll post it here.

I was thinking about something similar. Like “google places” functionality, but using OSM.

How you want to obtain data from facebook? Even to parse wikipedia you must download a huge dataset and parse it with many CPU hours. And I don’t know other datasets, but here wiki+osm in my simple render:

I ended up implementing it as part of my site and not in a different repository.
The results are nice but are using a small area which I’m not sure how to scale.
In any case, thanks for the advises :-).

Do you think of incorporating functionality like Panoramio (which is about to be closed), or Flickr (also there, you can add a photo to the map)? Besides comments on the photos, user groups etc.

I have incorporated photos using Wikimedia commons.
I created a Wikimedia account that the server uses in order to upload photos, the link to the photo is saved as an OSM image tag.
Other tagging is added to the upload file page in Wikimedia to make sure the photo is not deleted and to add extra data to it such as the location.
Here’s a link to all uploaded images: