POI created with Amenity Editor - visible there but not in map

Hi there,

I created a POI with the Amenity Editor. When I reopen the map with this editor from other computers I can see this POI but on the OSM Map the POI still isn’t visible.

Do I need more patience or did I made some wrong?

to be sure whether your created object has arrived in the general OSM data, go to openstreetmap.org (the main slippy map), move and zoom to the area where your new or modified object is.

Then coose the “+”-symbol at the right top corner of the screen where you can choose the renderer to display the map. Select the checkbox “Data” … maybe you have to confirm that you want to display really all data of the area, and then your object will appear in the map and in the list at the left border of the screen. There you can see whether your object is in the data. If not, create it anew!

Maybe the actual map renderer (Mapnik or Osmarender need still some time (minutes, hours or days) to render your object. Or your type of object isn’t rendered at all, althoug it is in the OSM data.

Thank you. A few hours after my post above and about 18 hours after the addition the POI was included in the main map also.

not every POI will be rendering by mapnik and osmarender. (p.e. a popular POI is a dentist… these POIs will not be shown at mapnik and osmarender)