POI confusion - what am I missing

Greetings from New Zealand.

If you look at the map for Upper Hutt, New Zealand, there is quite a bit of detail:

Countdown Supermarket
Pak n Save Supermarket
Police Station
Ascot Cinemas
Little India Restaurant

Yet, when I browse the latest (2012/09/14) map from Osmand on my Android device, with Upper Hutt as the current position, i get the following results:

POI - Fuel : have to tap the “Find more” button until <100km, then find Shell in Picton

POI - Supermarket : same thing, find Supermarkets in Picton and Blenheim

POI - Restaurant : closest is Furneaux Lodge on Queen Charlotte Track.

Is this a problem with the POIs in Upper Hutt, or is it something in Osmand ?

Thanks in advance,

I’ve also compared the properties of the POIs to see if there is a difference, but can’t spot any obvious issues…

I found the osmand maps quite out of date. Maybe the POI are added after the offline map was created. Just a guess. In my area I created my own offline map. The tool run on 2 GB heap memory and took about 20 hours to calculate. osmand maps are not up-to-date even if osmand shows you it is up-to-date. This up-to-date just means that osmand doesn’t offer any more recent maps. But for sure OSM has more recent maps.

I think it must be something different - some of the POIs that are mentioned are from January 2009, it seems unlikely Osmand would use map material that would be THAT old.