POI / City Search on GPSMAP 276cx extremely slow

Hi All,

tried using OpenTopoMap, garmin.openstreetmap.nl and OSM-Freizeitkarte, the POI Search even for small Countries is very slow when not sorted alphabetically.

Is this a usual behaviour?

How is the POI in the Garmin IMG File internally handled? is it a database? can there be indices on that “tables”? Whats the best way to speedup that?

And last but not least:
Is there a gmap editor (for the compiled img file) which i can use to edit the file, adding POI’s and changing TYP stuff?
I’am on a 2 years journey and i don’t want to carry a full system with me. Network speed is also limited.

Thanks a lot

Garmin POI search is using the global index (MDR) if it exists. The search may still be very slow when multiple maps are installed, e.g. a layer with contour data or cycle routes can slow down the search.
See also http://gis.19327.n8.nabble.com/Performance-of-POI-search-on-the-Device-tt5967127.html

I don’t know any program which can add features to an *.img file. The normal way would be to add the data to the input of the program which compiles the img file, e.g. mkgmap or cgpsmapper.
Alternative: Garmin programs like Basecamp or MapSource allow to add Waypoints and you can also import POI using a csv format.