Podklady z Opola

Koledzy z RRN którzy chca pomóc w rysowaniu na nowo Opola pytaja, czy mamy cokolwiek, co mogloby pomóc - Messtichblatty, inne mapki które mozna uzyc. Pilne,
dajcie znac.

Jest WMS z Messtischblattami oraz WIG 100k z hgis.cartoninjas.net - niestety na szybko teraz nie umiem go wyciągnąc z JOSM.

Chętnie się podłączę, byłem tam kiedyś listonoszem. Serio.

Once I have added the roads from these old maps, could you please double check and add street names?

Of course, give me a few hours.

wait :wink: We were asked to stop remapping and after that, I need to add the residential streets from the Messtichblatty first. No rush

I don’t get an image in JOSM when adding the WMS wms:http://wms.hgis.cartoninjas.net/?source=m25k4326&map=m25k&LAYERS=M25k_lonLat&WIDTH=562&height=644&SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.3.0&REQUEST=GetMap&FORMAT=image/png&SRS=EPSG:4326&styles=&bbox={s},{w},{n},{e}
I only get a light yellow beackground.
Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance

It’s out of the map - It is only limited number of Messtischblatt map sheets in that WMS, and map extent is set to show WIG 100k maps too. In areas with no map coverage of some type, there is yellow background.

It’s not a bug, It’s a feature. :wink:

Can you point out link to area of interest? It is Opole?

yes, I wanted to help you to remap and thought Opole would be nice (I can rember the name because it is short and there are not special polish characters in it :wink: ). But there is no Bing available and now you say no Messtischblatt :frowning: I have re-added most of the primary/secondary/tertiary roads (before the OSMF said to stop) but now I come to an end without other sources.
Anyway, I am happy to help you elsewhere and I guess there will be many places where I can


It works properly, but must be set Merkaator projection in JOSM.

:smiley: Thx

Thanks for info, i did nothing at the time:)

If you can’t find desired Messtischblatt at HGIS, take a look at: http://igrek.amzp.pl/mapindex.php?cat=TK25 or look for other German maps at http://english.mapywig.org/viewpage.php?page_id=42. Georeferencing them by yourself isn’t that hard.

This is tms from fleet management system, with anonymous tracks. May help everywhere in Poland. It’s open and in Mercator projection ready to join to JOSM.

Thank you serekmedia

I can’t edit there anymore. Another guy, who don’t care about the list is editing at the same time there

He deleted my nodes during my changeset was uploading which ends in a big mess with partially uploaded changesets and many conflicts. The good thing is that he is local and probably knows the area much better. So I will look for another area