Plugin (Wordpress?) that allows visitors to place pins with comments?


I am desperately looking for a map plugin (preferred for Wordpress), where visitors can mark and comment locations. Eventually also Rate (restaurants, cinemas…).

All plugins that I found until now, do the same.
The site operator inserts a map with pins in an article.
This is Web 1.0.
I want “Web 2.0”. The visitors should put pins and commenting.

Many people want such a plugin.
There are many ways to use it.
Among the various topics.

If there is no such plugin, I hope that a programmer writes a plugin.
You can do something that no other plugins offer.

Tobias Claren


Found this one: a few yaesr ago. Might be a partial answer to your question, Hugo


Did you already had contact to the author of

This plugin seems to be actively developed …

Yes, now…
OSM-Plugin and Comprehensice Google Mas Plugin.

Hello Tobias, If you are finding the map plugin for your wordpress website then I suggest you to try Maps Marker Pro plugin. You can share your favorite spots and tracks with the help of this. It is the most comprehensive geo-content management system for wordpress with a moral code. You can buy this plugin with cheaper rates.