pls help with road classification

i added/edited a few roads at this interchange.

but got no idea if primary, secondary etc. so all that i edited i put as residential. can someone who knows this area please help me classify them correctly. thanks

motorway link or trunk link possibly?

Of course, information from people who know the place is best.
“residential” seems wrong here, better use “road” when you don’t know how to tag it.
kucai’s suggestion looks very reasonable, and I’d do so too when I trace from Bing.

noted. i have changed from tags from residential to road.

these r my problems in detail…

  • i dont know which link to use when it connects roads of different categories. at this intersection there are 3 different road categories meeting. i cant understand the wiki.
  • jln puchong (north east) is classified as primary and secondary in different parts. which is correct?

highway with “road” tags appears as warning in JOSM
I think “unclassified” is a better options.

Unclassified is poorly named, it should be quarternary, but many people wouldn’t know that that means 4th level. This goes between residential and tertiary (3rd level).

If you don’t know what a road should be tag it as road. Yes, josm flags that, just like it flags unnamed residential and unclassified roads. But that’s ok, if you just don’t know. Another mapper comes along, gets the flag and s/he may know and fix the tag.