Plotting points on OSM map


does someone know how can I plott some gps coordinates in OSM map?
I need some Java code.


There are some hints at when searching there for “display many markers”

And you mention Java: do you want an offline solution or an online solution in a web browser or similar?

I have some GPS coordinates and I need to create a GUI in Java that displays the coordinates plotted in the map.

Then you can take a look at the OSM wiki in the

Maybe there are some opensource components that come near your aim.

Or go to the mentioned and search for “java”.

But you did not answer my question about an online or offline solution to get either raw OSM data and render it to map graphic on your own, or an online solution to load pre-rendered OSM based tile graphics and display them on client side with markers on it …

Thank you. I will search there some helpful code.
I need an online solution. To be more clear, I want something like
I have an osm query that returns me some GPS coordinates and I want to display these in a map view in my GUI.

I need to plot the coordinates like the way plot them. So, any suggestions?

Hmmm … the obstacle for you seems to be the need to use JAVA. I only came across one library that is based on Java and that should be able to display markers: … If you want to try it, I assume you are aware of **Java ** programming. For details to aks I recommend the mapsforge own googlegroup mailinglist. There is at least one sample app from mapsforge overview called atlas wich is Java running on desktop PCs

Displaying objects like via a **Javascript ** library is very easy … there are things like leafletjs, openlayers etc.

There’s also:

I’ve tested none of them, buut perhaps one of them can still be helpful for you.

Thank you for the answers! I used JMapViewer and it works fine.