Please revert a changeset

I made a number of changesets in the past, but the latest I got wrong!

Can someone with more expertise please cancel my Changeset: 57065093

I am asking here because I can’t get into help.openstreetmap - it just will not recognise my openstreetmap credentials and I have no idea why!


I think that you need to create a different account for help. But this forum is a better place to ask for a revert.

No, you need to set a password for “simple” (non-OAuth) authentication in your account settings.

My thanks to Martin Borsje for rescuing me!
I now understand the process better - just lacked the confidence to fix it myself.

As to Login to Help - the problem was solved by the administrator who needed to link my ‘help account’ to my ‘OSM account’ - so that is fixed too. I did not need to set new passwords.

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