Please Help Import Texas Addresses from

I’m a newbie, but my GIS coworker introduced me to a goldmine of what appears to be free data, the Texas Natural Resources Information Systems website ( It has every reasonable address in Texas, as well as other info like land parcel boundaries.

  1. Are OSM mappers aware of this website/info?
  2. Is anyone willing to properly upload this into OSM?
  3. Is it okay for me to post this info on other forums? I’m really hoping that experienced mappers get wind of this.


Please ask on the Import Mailinglist There are a lot of details to consider during the partial import. It may also be useful to use this data to check the quality of our data.

Rgards Georg V.

Hi, Garin37! looks like a rich and potentially useful source of data.
I and a couple of other mappers (primarily, Alan Bragg) are currently going through the import of addresses for MA from MassGIS.
So, as a first step, I would contact the administration of and ask them under what license they grant access to their data.
If it is ODbL-compatible then I would proceed with contacting local TX community of OSM mappers (mailing list should work). If you receive an approval in the mailing list, the next step would be creating a wiki page that describes the planned import (for MA imports it looks like this: