Please give a new attribute to ‘collapsible parasol’, a transportation shelter

Hi, everyone.

Please give it a new property for the ‘flexible parasol’ that provides shade from the heat wave.
(ko : 폭염으로부터 그늘을 만들어 주는 '건널목 그늘막’에 맞는 새로운 속성을 부여해 주십시오.)

  • This facility is not permanently fixed.
    (It can be folded and sometimes removed depending on the season.)
    cf. Cf. Wetterpilz

  • This facility is not for leisure purposes.
    It creates shade for people waiting for the signal at the crossing of the road to rest.
    (It is sometimes used on transportation islands.)

If you need more information or have any questions, please ask.

I’m not sure these should be added if they are not permanently on location. A fitting documented attribute might be shade=yes.

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Some of them are permanently fixed, or even autonomous (deploys automatically based on data of its weather station). It depends on the region.

Example of autonomous shade:


Wow! That is a thing :slight_smile:

I think amenity=shelter shelter_type=parasol or awning.

Thank you.
Not bad, but I think something less suitable.

Great! Awsome!!
The word ‘parasol’ feels too simplistic, but I think ‘awning’ is a very suitable choice depending on the usage.
I would like to officially suggest the ‘shelter_type=awning’ you suggested for this kind of shelter.

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Actually there is already weather_protection=parasol in leisure=outdoor_seating. shade= isn’t the same as a cover protecting from rain, especially trees.
The problem with shelter_type= is it mixes up the structure and purpose. Some structures are unclear, eg =gazebo and =pavilion.
I believe “awning” has to be extend out along building edges. So they won’t fit this.


^^ another parasol autonomously folded by weather
^ a folded parasol folded manually