Please create a linear parking

I can already create a point or a polygon parking, but I can’t create linear parking. Please add this type.

If you need more info, write in comments.

You mean e.g. a street_side parking drawn as a line at the side of the road rather than a parking strip as an area which will render with a P at centre (most of the times). Not sure, what’s the objective?

Most of the times when mapping space is tight I map parking strips as either parking:(left/right/both)=lane or street_side as tags on the section of way where allowed. If there’s space, then I’ll draw the street_side parking, with orientation tag ecc.

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Do you maybe mean this: Street parking - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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Note that you can create it also in iD (default online editor) but you need to draw way and then manually edit tags.

It is unlikely to add it to default presets, as mapping it as area is always better when mapping it as a standalone object.

Note also you can mark it using extra tags on road (as property of the road).