Please advise viewer

Hello All. I develop application for Android. It is not related to cartography but includes OSM viewer. To debug this app I need freeware viewer for Windows XP or Linux Kubuntu with mandatory ability change servers. I want see how different maps from OSM servers must look like. I tried several apps but no one had satisfy me. Mostly they does not allow change servers. Or do not work in XP. Or require too much info about me. I just need working viewer. Please advise.

When you say “includes OSM viewer” what exactly do you mean? OpenStreetMap is just data; there are many different ways of showing that data to users (“renderers”). What are you doing in your app that allows people to show things based on OSM Data?

People asking questions such as yours sometimes think that the “standard” map tiles that they see at are OpenStreetMap and the only choice that they have to make is “those map tiles, or some similar ones in a different style”. That’s not really true - for example, if I go to in the UK where I live and zoom in I see data that claims to be derived from both HERE and OSM, and the map display there doesn’t use the same sort of map tiles at all.

If you do decide to use an online resource for OSM data, then the chances are that that will have some sort of terms of use associated with it. For example, the terms of use associated with OpenStreetMap’s “standard” raster map tiles can be found at .

I use Qt5 QML Map type to show map from OSM server. Qt5 OSM map engine performs all needed tasks. But I just need view at server’s map on my Linux or Windows workstation - to know how the map should look.

That is what I am asking for. Just for OSM viewer for online maps and ability change servers.

Do you think of something like
There are many different styles for showing OSM data on a map, and above shows just a few examples next to each other. In the end, you must decide for a style which fits best to the requirements of your users.

It’s been a long time since I used that (back when Blackberry 10 had just being released), but my recollection is that it only allowed you to use raster tile servers so both Bernhard Hiller’s suggestion and my comments about usage policies are valid.

And all changed. It works perfectly with server

Almost Yes. I want look to different maps presented on different servers. And then decide - is it needed allow user of my app choose which one server it want use. But I want be able in viewer enter server http(s) address manually.

Of course I can make such a viewer with Qt5 QML. Actually I already made it… It works for me in Android and Linux Kubuntu. I can make for Windows without problem. But I want use another viewer to compare it with Qt5 rendering engine I use.