Please add `tourism=holiday_village` to the wiki

As agreed here, I tagged a holiday village with tourism=holiday_village. However, it is not documented on the OpenStreetMap-wiki at the tourism=*-page, and @Map_HeRo also wrote that s:he does not know how to do that:

I want to add it but I fail by beeing too confused what to do; when I want to edit this page, I am only presented with a {{Template:Generic:Map_Features:tourism}}. I do not want to destroy anything, so I do not dare to edit the template; I do not know the advanced wiki syntax.

Can anyone else chime in please and add tourism=holiday_village to the wiki, please?


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Template is editable at Template:Generic:Map Features:tourism - OpenStreetMap Wiki - and I added comment into page code to help with this.

But I would create first - such rarely used tags should be first document at their own page, with listing at main overview pages as something optional

Creating a page describing key or value - OpenStreetMap Wiki may help in this

If a wiki page isn’t editable as it stands without following some obscure instructions in comments in the code of the page I’d suggest that it is not fit for purpose as a wiki page.


I agree. I really dislike this templatified page overviews and similarly hard to edit content, in some cases editing them is beyond my abilities (and I am programmer and have made huge amounts of wiki edits). In fact I spend some time on wiki moving from templatification to regular text.


Looking at the website and how they describe themselves…

The Eisenberg “Günter Richta” holiday village in Kirchheim, Hesse, is a leisure and holiday facility for school classes, children’s and youth groups, sports clubs and associations: an ideal destination for school trips of all ages, training camps, weekends, holiday camps, youth meetings and seminars.
(Translated from German using DeepL)

Are we sure this isn’t a leisure=summer_camp? There’s no need for a new tag and a new Wiki page if an existing one fits.


Please see the thread where this was discussed:

If you think different, then please discuss in that thread, move your comment there.


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