Playing 3gpp audio files created by OSMTracker

I use OSMTracker to create a GPX file, jpg files and 3gpp files for each track. The locations of the jpg files and the 3gpp files are visible in JOSM as squares with the text “Photo” or “Voice recording” alongside. I can open each photo with a click on the appropriate square, but nothing happens when I click on a “Voice recording” square. In fact JOSM sometimes locks up.
The gpx file, the jpg files and the 3gpp files are all in the same directory. The gpx file contains similar information about the 3gpp files as for the jpg files. I can run the 3gpp files outside of JOSM with a double click in a file manager. (It opens VLC Media Player and plays the file)
How can I get JOSM to play the audio files with a click on the appropriate square? Is there something I’ve missed? I’ll be able to map so much more quickly if I can run the audio files from JOSM.
I’m running JOSM v12921 with Java 1.8.0_151 under Windows XP Home SP3.

You can read and comment at one of the josm tickets about 3gpp:

Josm supports WAV format.
You may be able to convert using one of these tools and use the wav files instead.
Do a search of “3gpp to wav converter”
You may need to be able preserve the created timestamp to make them usable and line up with the right part of the gpx track though.

Thanks to both of you for your replies

@Klumbumbus - I’ve made a submission to the JOSM ticket you put me on to (#11017).

@nevw - I could convert the .3gpp files to .wav but I’d also have to change the references to them on each corresponding line of the gpx file. The lines themselves contain the dates and times, so I suspect a time stamp in each wav file is unnecessary. (OSMTracker also names each file by date and time, though I suspect this isn’t used for the purpose of showing the location on the map of where the file was created.)

I guess I could approach this by suggesting to the writers of OSMTracker that they might like to consider an option to save files in .wav format in real time instead of .3gpp or to create a converter for the .gpx file along with the .3gpp files retrospectively.
If I was up to it I’d write a macro so that I could do this automatically myself!

Thanks again.

mp3 is supported too since a few months

Hi, I’m using OsmAnd and I have noticed with exiftool its 3gp files are not geotagged. I found that a well crafted gpx file, with waypoints linked to 3gp files, is fine for JOSM. Indeed, the links are opened, through JOSM, on the system (for me with Linux + VLC) and there is absolutely no problem.
My conclusion would be to consider this before starting heavy audio/video conversion.

See below a waypoint from Android/data/ or any gpx in Android/data/*.gpx

  <wpt lat="44.6283746" lon="2.0843554">
    <link href="xVc~ym8M--.1.3gp" />