Planet Torrents?

Before I get too used to regularly downloading 4GB planet file, does anyone know if torrents of these is available anywhere. I did a google, but could not find one.

Seems like a good way to speed downloads and save bandwidth on the OSM site (and mirrors).

You might want to look at downloading a full planet once then using the daily/hourly/minutely diffs to keep it up to date. The current dailies are ~ 5Mb each. That’s a lot less data to download each week.

IME torrents tend not to be well used when http downloads are also available. It’s less effort and more reliable to use the http download instead of the torrent.

the_winch what does IME mean?

Yeah I would like to have torrents as well I’m getting a paltry 400KB/s with http. :frowning:

AFAIK this means ‘In My Experience’ :sunglasses: