Planet rebuild

I am trying to create the gosmore.pak file for the entire planet build. I have Ubuntu 8.10 installed with a Core2Duo processor and 2GB RAM. I followed the instructions in the README file and on the wiki (openstreetmap) to do the rebuild. But, the process never ends, it keeps consuming 90-100% of CPU time (according to top) for ~10 hours. I noticed that there are a large number of *.tmp files created in the directory, but all of them are 0 size. Does anybody know if I am doing something wrong?


I do almost the same thing, except that I divide the planet into two sections with Osmosis first (one for North/South America and one for the rest). Then I start two Gosmore instances at the same time to produce pak files for both. It takes about 8 - 12 hours on my latop (don’t have exact numbers) with 2.4GHz Core2 and 4GB ram. Gosmore creates a lot of temp files to keep ram usage low and those temp files will gradually be filled with data (a lot of them might remain empty, but there must be some which contain data!).

I’d say: be patient.

Thanks for the reply.

I was patient, it took ~7 days and after generating a 11G pak file, it caused a segmentation fault :frowning: Any idea what the problem could be?