planet_osm_line does not include high zoom data (secondary roads)

I loaded openstreetmap data into database with osm2pgsql, and I am looking at table planet_osm_line because I want high zoom data including residential, secondary roads.

I learned that planet_osm_line includes all imported ways from this discussion So I should be able to get high zoom data from this table.

However, when I tried to display elements from planet_osm_line, I found that a lot of roads are missing

Does planet_osm_line not include other roads? Should I look at other tables. Or does this happen because data size of planet_osm_line is too big and thus the loading can take forever?


in you screenshot I can see secondary roads like Madison Street, tertiary roads like 7th Avenue and residentials like the southern part of the 8th Anenue and also smaller service ways on the area of the Harborview Medical Center. I don’t miss any ways.


which schema-file and which osm2pgsql-options did you use?

Not exact: planet_osm_line contains every non-closed way which got tags. Every object with at least 2 nodes AND at least one tag. Highways, railroads, boundary segments, fences, rivers, …


I just figured out that I didn’t see all the roads I expected because the vector tiles weren’t loading correctly on the front end. There is no problem with the table itself. I fixed the issue and now I can see all the roads displayed. Thank you very much for the replies!