Places (cities, towns) with name both to node and area

Ive noticed some places got the names assigned both to the node and the area.

Is this the correct way? Or should the name be only in one of them?

In addition to confusion, some details exist in one of them and not the other, and vice versa.

Thanks for answering.

It is correct.

Values of name and place tags must be equal to alllow exact matching place node and its boundary.
It is widely used in some countries (exUSSR) to allow shorten address scheme when addr:city tag could be optional because its value can be determined from geometry

Adding place= to boundary=administrative is technically invalid. The former doesn’t apply on type=boundary. admin_level= is already used for addressing. , and the label role exists to match the place= point to boundary=administrative. They are 2 separate concepts that shouldn’t be confused.

But in some countries places are duplicated some administrative just to make the boundaries visible.
At first administrative boundaries are intended for marking administrative areas, not specially for addressing.
In some countries some (not all) admin_level are used for addressing.
In some countries just place are used for addressing of cities/towns/villages/hamlets… along with administrative boundaries for large address objects (subdistricts, districts, provinces, states, countries, …)