place_of_worship tags - not_in_map_features??

How do I properly tag a church? All of mine are coming up with a not_in_map_features error in maplint.

and example:

name: Saint Francis
religion: christian
amenity: place_of_worship

this is how it set it up automatically with the online editor (except im not sure of the denomination).


You tagged it correctly according to the wiki. Probably the maplint checker has no knowledge of this type of feature. ‘Not in map features’ errors are not very serious and is mainly(?) intended to spot typo’s so you may disregard it’s complaints.

It would be a good idea however to enhance the maplint-checker, so that “not in map features” do have a correct meaning and the maplint-checker gets more usefull… Is there anything we can do to help with that?

Jochen is the make of Maplint you can ask him why it doesn’t work. According to his test docs that test is generated from the Wiki