place_of_worship denomination=orthodox ili serbian_orthodox

So far I have used denomination=orthodox but there is a tag denomination=serbian_orthodox listed here
The value serbian_orthodox is not used very much, only 126x times, including many times abroad.

I have zero knowledge about the difference between orthodox and serbian_orthodox. Is there a need for changing all “orthodox” in Serbia to serbian_orthodox?

If there are other orthodox churches denominate then there is no reason not to use serbian_ortofox. In Serbia it is not that obvious as there are only Serbian orthodox churches. Abroad there are others (Russian, Greek…) and there is need to make difference.

Not all Orthodox churches in Serbia are Serbian Orthodox. We have e.g. Russian, Romanian, and other communites.

If it is known, a specific denomination should be used, as various Orthodox churches, although related, are autonomous.

There is no question then that serbian_orthodoh denomination is needed along others an that should be set for all such churches.