Place name wrapping

Hi Folks,

I recently upgraded two production OSM servers identically (same planet .dbf import, same Carto CSS styles), or so I thought. On one server, place names wrap (City of/Westminster). On the other server, place names don’t wrap (City of Westminster). I want place names to wrap. Any thoughts on what may be causing the difference in behavior? Thanks!

– David Kelley

Can you tell us about your rendering tool chain, software, version ?

  • carto 1.2.0
  • mapnik-config -v says 4.0.0
  • osm2pgsql 1.3.0
  • PostgreSQL 12.11

– David

At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, something is clearly different :slight_smile:

Is the “mapnik.xml” (or whatever the name of the mapnik .xml file is) identical on both servers? Can you see new tiles getting rendered on both servers in the syslog or similar? Have Apache2 and renderd (assuming that’s what you’re using) being restarted? Any caches that might be involved?

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Restarting httpd + re-rendering did the trick. Thanks!

– David

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