Hello to Norway from Germany!
I am writing to you because a few of us are having a discussion about place=municipality. This tag seems to be mainly used in Germany and some of its neighbours as well as Norway and Thailand.
We are thinking if it could make sense to ask for place=municipality nodes to be rendered in Carto.
In Germany, we often use place=municipality when a group villages are politically/administratively joined and either given a new name or take on the name of the biggest village. So one idea could be that a place=municipality node could be rendered in a similar way to a place=town node. Would that make sense from a Norwegian point of view, although in Norway you seem to have larger areas in mind and are already systematically combining the tag with the admin 7 level border relations?
You find all of the current German discussion here, but it’s all in German.

Edit: I have also written in the Thai forum, but rest assured, I do not intend to carry out parallel discussions in multiple forums - just want to find out if there is some common ground, and if there is, we could carry on on the Carto Github pages. I know that there were already (and always are) attempts to change rendering of place names, but limiting the thing to the municipality nodes could be a manageable project.

Norway is officially divided in Country > County > Municipality. Rendering municipalities as nodes would not make any sense. The case you describe is probably something more like the deprecated term Herred ( or and is not really a real thing in Norway anymore.

I believe we only use the place=municipality tag on the 356 relations which define each administrative municipality (“kommune”) at admin_level 7. Urban settlements within these municipalities are tagged with place=city, town, village etc on a node.