Pinyin (english/romanized) letters for chinese names in tiles


i’m currently in china and did some minor mapping in shanghai using my new motorola defy. i basically use osmand as a map viewing tool with a downloaded vector dataset (don’t have mobile internet here). because osmand uses the vector data, it is very easy to switch between pinyin (拼音without diacritic tonemarks - english/romanized) names and 汉字han zi (chinese characters). altough i can read about 800-1000 汉字 han zi, i sometimes have to switch to “english” names in osmand because i can’t read a particular streetname. i later realized when using the mapnik tiles on (or any other tiles) that they have the city’s name in pinyin and some major district, but not the streets. I absolutely agree that chinese names should be used primarily in china, but the international visitor will not be able to use the openstreetmap if he doesn’t use a renderer that displays the name:en tag. the thing is that most streets have a name:en tag already, but i don’t see a button to show “english” names in my browser. I know there is a discussion ongoing about this in russia and in thailand, are there plans for china? Because, it would be rather easy to have this automatized for streets that have no name:en tag so far. altough one 汉字 han zi might have different pinyin pronouncations most have one.