Pink Areas

On OSMAND maps I notice some areas which are covered with pink color.
Example 1: in Germany the area between Bingen and Koblenz and a wide range left and right of the Rhine river.
Example 2: All the water surface of the lake Garda in upper Italy.
The pink color does not appear at zoom level 2 km and higher. It shows up at zoom level 1 km and lower.

Why are these areas overlaid with pink? The color hides all other colors of land features like forests, grassland, fields, etc.
I find this is very annoying. I imagine that the pink color is to indicate a special kind of area. But which one?
And, as almost nobody knows what it means, I think it should not show up on maps.

Regards, Bruno

I can’t reproduce your issue.
Please post a screenshot of

  • the map
  • display options (they are available when you click that globe icon in top-left corner) - post all of them as they are few screens long
    Maybe then people will be able to help you, otherwise tough luck.
    OsmAnd is so configurable it can be literally anything.

Here are screenshots and a display of OSM attributes for the affected area: