Everything in OSM seems too dead serious. IÂ’m gunna make this topic for people just to stick maps, photos or anything to do with them mapping. ItÂ’s an on going diary of the community. So stick any image that best rounds up your day/ recent day. IÂ’ll start with this large image of the bridleway over the pass in the Lake District to the south side of Helvelin, and down Grisdale Beck. It was one of the bits I mapped at the Lake District mapping weekend just gone. It was a steep walk up with bike on back, going down started bumpy and tricky to ride, so no real speed, but then the last 1/3 was fast and smooth except for a few gates. For some reason the uphill bit seemed way longer than that, and the downhill way shorter.

Image is Here.

Hey Ben, I’ve hiked-up the Helvellin a few years ago. Even seen a few mountainbikers on the top. I hoped to recognise some of the familiar features around Mt Helvellin, but can’t figure it out on that image unfortunately. Wasn’t Ambleside just bit south of there?

Theres a few more routes that people did being added, so you can sort of tell where it is now here. It is just north of ambleside thats correct.

I would think most mountain bikers at the top rode along the set of hills along the ridge, I can’t imagin much appeal for walking up and down the pass.

Since I’m replying heres another image. This is a road north of the hills that Helvelyn is in. It has some strange laws, its a public road, classed as being pulic because it hasn’t been proven not so for so long. So it isn’t not public. Its a Greenroute, now being considered as a B.O.A.T. (byway) of green safety status. Pretty strange, I currently have it as a byway in OSM, but thats incorrect.

The road weaves around the hills staying relatively level for about 4 miles, then it has a large, very bumpy, downhill at the end (start of it in photo, but its smoother finer gravel there). Its on the NCN Coast to Coast route. It has some gates placed in on places, such as just around the corner in the photo. You only see it when your travelling at high speed towards it.

Image Is Here.