Pick N Pay Stores - Bitcoin

Hi All,

Pick N Pay stores in South Africa have recently announced that they support Bitcoin as a payment method across their entire network.

There are currently 436 Pick N Pay elements according to this overpass query, some of which have already had the Bitcoin tags manually added.

I am part of the organised editing community BTCMap.org and would like to discuss an automated edit where we add the appropriate Bitcoin tags to the Pick N Pay stores.

Is this something the local SA community would like to work on with me?

Many thanks,


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What would the proposed tags be?

payment:lightning=yes ?

Hi @Firefishy,

The proposed tags are:


This is in accordance with Bitcoin OSM Wiki Page.



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Looks like you’ve been busy! :muscle:

Hey @Firefishy - are you happy that we progress and automatically tag the reminder of the sites or do we need to build more concensus?

The tags look ok to me, except for maybe the check_date:currency:XBT. There are some franchised Pick n Pay stores which may have different payment options.

Additional consensus would be ideal, but I personally don’t mind if you proceed.


OK, no rush.

I’ll check with the payment provider what the situation is regarding franchises and report back.

Confirmation from payment provider that franchises are included.

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OK, we will proceed unless there are any objections within the next 48 hrs.

@Firefishy - Do you want to proceed with the update?

We would prefer that this is done by in-country users.

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Go for it.

I have been trying to complete the coverage of Pick n Pay stores, but likely at least a few weeks off, but that doesn’t need to hold back the BTC updates.