Photovoltaic powerplants

I mapped quite intensively the photovoltaic plants and updated the wiki:

Available data sources:

  1. Reports of the government (MNRE)

The data are problematic:

  • For exact mapping a lot of informations are missing

  • there is no clear distinction between constructed powerplants and those which are planned or under construction

  1. geojson file, which are the result of KI-trained software
  • the used sat images are old (till 2021)

  • a lot of plants could not be found

  1. newspaper articles

Here I found only informations about proposed or planned powerplants

Finally I scanned the ESRI sat images to find all plants >about 5MW.

ESRI sat images in India are about 1 to 2 years old.

Results of mapping:

  • 2145 photovoltaic powerplants

  • each plant has in the tag description the total generator area(m²).

Total generator area of all plants = about 65 000 ha.

The capacity values of the plants are reliable only for the biggest powerplants. All other values have to be checked. Approximately 1MW capacity needs about 1 to 2ha generator area.

I made a table of planned / under construction powerplants.

Here a lot of works has to be done in the future.