Phetkasem southern trunk Relations + Name issue


On the Southern trunk road (Phetkasem) there are two main issues,

  1. the name tag, on the side heading north it’s in Thai, on the side heading south it’s in English. Can I automate the edit so that it’s consistent?
  2. The relationship editor in JOSM shows it to be full of incomplete entries, both for AH2 and Phetkasem Rd. relations, should I do anything about this?

I’d say go ahead.

If you know which parts are missing the relation information, I’d say go ahead and add it.

I haven’t worked much with relations, where do I start figuring out what’s missing?

I know these relation analyzer tools which should help to detect gaps in the network.
Use the map view and then use remote control to load the area into JOSM