Personal notes > OSM?

Bit of a cryptic subject : past few days the RSS feed for the area where I can easily cycle to places to resolve notes saw scores of notes added, then hours or a day or so later answered by the poster ; obviously that person needed somewhere to jot down which warehouse is #1, #2 etc, or -for another contributor- pin objects from a list to the map in order to find and document these :

Question : is there an option for a logged-in contributor to activate a personal (not private!) notes layer, where they can place notes to follow up, either close upon completion, or transfer to the publicly visible notes layer in case they were unable to resolve, wish to involve ‘the community’ in their quest?

Examples include some two dozen notes in an area not actually accessible to the public (from memory : an area with bonded warehouses) at , or , where the very active contributor (who specialises in defibrillators and drinking water fountains) seemingly placed the notes as a reminder in an area he intended to visit?

To top things off, was placed to close a note ‘to enhance filtering’, that contributor then added, which he resolved soon after : obviously, this favourably impacts the ‘solved notes’ score for where I live?

Hence looking for a layer where these contributors can note in silence, yet involve fellow mappers if need be ;

final thought : the personal layer should not be private, just usually hidden, thus not add to the many older notes which /do/ need someone to look into them ; not private to avoid ‘hidden, stale caches’ of info , or long overdue notes ; the possibilities are only limited by your imagination, but the basic desire for a personal note space with transfer to the public note space is the main objective.

Met vriendelijke groet, (Dutch for 'with friendly greeting),


At the moment, there’s no possibility to create such a separate notes layer. :frowning: Improvements to OSM notes are frequently requested, though, and I would agree that it’s a bit too bare-bones at the moment, which leads to the problems like the ones you observed.