Permission to download tiles for the whole world

I need to download tiles for the whole planet. I have 0 to 9 zoom data and i need 10 to 19

Is this possible and where do i place my request in the community?

Please see the Tile Usage Policy. It suggest you use a commercial service or setup your own tile server.

Have you done the math to figure out how much storage/bandwidth is needed for the entire planet up to zoom 19? And how much that would cost at your end just to download (let alone the cost at OSM’s end)?

I am setting my own server and trying to download images from

Is there another url i can use apart from this one?. What other commercial services are you talking about and where did they get their tiles from :roll_eyes:

If you’re setting up your own server I’d suggest that you read The answer to “where do they get their tiles from” is “they create their own, based on OSM data, which is freee to download”.

Thanks someelse, :slight_smile:

Just to get you an idea of your plan:

I do provide tiles, for example a free plan of 10000 tiles per day for hobby or community use cases.

With that plan, you would just need more than 100.000 years to download all tiles from zoom 0 to zoom 19 for the whole planet (366.503.875.925 tiles in total). If you did download zoom 0 to 9 already from OSM, you’ve got 350 thousand of those 366 billion tiles already (and downloading 350 thousand tiles from OSM is probably not covered as acceptable use by the tile usage policy).

If you would like to do it in one year, you would have to download around tiles a day. That’s probably sth. like a six-figure bill per month for one year if you find a tile provider that would serve these amounts.