Permission request of map use in an academic publication

Hope this is the right place to ask this question.

I am a research scientist. Recently one of our research papers has to use a map adapted from OSM for a publication. The editorial office
encouraged us to get use permission from OSM. I come here to ask who I should contact (email is preferred) for this matter.

Let me know if you have the answer. Thanks.

Welcome to this forum, and thanks for asking the question. I do not have a full answer myself, but you might well begin with consulting our wiki:


Broadly speaking the OSM licence does not require that you ask permission. Just credit OSM according to the copyright page linked to above, that is all the permission required.

Additionally, the work required to formally approve such issues on a journal by journal basis is far more than the volunteers who may respond to legal and copyright issues. There are hundreds, if not thousands of precedents for this usage.

Note that OSM copyrights are copyleft style arrangements so it is not possible to assign such copyrights to the journal publisher, but as stated most academic publishers should now be au fait with the situation.

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