Performance concerns using OpenStreetMap in applications?

Hi, I’m very new to geomapping, openstreetmap and the entire concept. In our enterprise, we use SAP BusinessObjects, Design Studio to create dashboards for users. We want to use openStreetMap for geo mapping in these dashboards but don’t know if there can be/are any performance concerns with multiple users hitting an external map product like this. I really think this is more of an application question, and not related to openStreetMap but thought I’d throw it out there. Is it a concern or no? Any notes are greatly appreciated…thanks!

I’m not familiar with the specifics of Design Studio dashboards, but in general end user mapping products should not directly rely on public OpenStreetMap servers. If you run your own map data or tile servers, or host them in the cloud, there should be no concern about performance because they can be scaled to meet the demand.

To expand on the last answer, to the extent that there is a map product, it is the vector data that can be accessed using the export function. The bitmapped tiles exist to help people create the real map, and to act as a proof of concept demonstration. They are not the end product and they are not intended as an alternative to running your own tile server.