Perfectly fine and legal turn now deemed illegal?

Changeset: 148405993 | OpenStreetMap

this is a time conditional turn that can be made legally and even has traffic lights, just asking why this is all of a sudden a illegal turn?

As per the reply I only just made on the changeset, it appeared like it was a left hand turn only on aerial imagery as well as on what street view imagery I could check. I’ve re-drawn it back in in Changeset: 148413816 | OpenStreetMap.

I’ll also add, if you think someone has made a mistake, it’s best to just ask with a respectful changeset comment, not one starting with “??? what?” and a forum post immediately.

Mappers are humans, people make mistakes, just ask, and often if it is a mistake, they’ll want to fix it as soon as they can or will just tell you to revert it if they can’t quickly enough.