"Pending posts to review" notification

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An email notification should get to the whole moderation group after 24 hours

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Shouldn’t that email get sent immediately? People can always manage it into a subfolder in their email client? Waiting 24 hours before removing spam seems like an unusual design decision :slight_smile:

Flagged spam is usually auto-hidden, but those 24hs can be tweaked if mods feel they need a sooner notification.

However, if someone flags a post and selects the “Something else” option and adds some text, that text is sent to the moderators as a private message. And I always receive an E-mail immediately after someone has sent a private message to me/to the moderators, not only after 24h.

So the “Something else”-Flag right now seems to be the “if you want the moderators to be notified right away and not in a few hours, use this”-Flag. :smiley:

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