Pedestrian zone or footway road?

Hi to everyone, here’s a question: when should I use a polygon with tag “pedestrian”, and when a line with tag “footway”?
Here’s an example:
On this image we can see a footway that crossing a pedestrian area. I think I should remove that crossing section of road, but there’s a question: should I also make parts of the road on the left and right parts of that area? Because IRL they seem pretty wide.
So, is there some criterion by which I can decide “road or zone”? Like, width or smth?

highway=pedestrian better, it is more often used on areas and it’s rendered

  1. highway=pedestrian is a pedestrianized two-tracked vehicular road. It is distinguished by whether by four-wheel vehicles can physically travel through it, although legally they may be banned. So don’t confuse between them
  2. area=yes is used on omnidirectional areas, where you can travel in all directions. area:highway= is for linear areas, used to describe the “stick” shape of a standard highway= road.
    Here, you would use area:highway= if you want to draw the other areas. You can further check whether these highway=footway is actually highway=pedestrian. If not, you may consider if the highway=pedestrian + area=yes should be changed to a highway=footway + area=yes (still rendered).
  1. That’s more because of usage history, and editor-ware presets.
  2. No Tagging For Renderer please…

To put it simply, the sidewalk will be near the road and it is a pedestrian road. And parks and backyards are a pedestrian zone.