Pedestrian residential roads

My name is Luke, I’m with the Apple team. I work with Andrew Wiseman who has posted here before. I’ve noticed an interesting combination of highways signs in residential areas. Some streets have both “do not enter” signs and “pedestrian” signs, however ground-level imagery shows cars driving or parked on them. I’m curious if these sign combinations have a special meaning, and if there is a preferred tag scheme to use in OSM.

Some examples:
way 16106968. Ground-level imagery: Mapillary
way 174683928. Ground-level imagery: Mapillary, OpenStreetCam
way 20386898, way 558237881. Ground-level imagery: OpenStreetCam


Hello Luke,
If a street is pedestrian or living (street signs are used alternatively), cars can still enter to park in a house or for delivery in a shop. Therefore living and pedestrian streets still need a 1 way direction and I tag them like this
I don’t know if there’s a better tagging solution.

The correct tag for vehicles that can use for deliveries, and to access garages, is “motor_vehicle=destination”

That’s correct. But it must be combined with “access=no” also.
So, “access=no” AND “motor_vehicle=destination”.

But “access=no” would also ban pedestrians and cyclists.

Correct. Tags “foot=yes” and “bicycle=yes” must be added also, like the blue signs.

Thank you all for the feedback! Your insight is appreciated.

There is no need for “access=no” whatsoever, if you use “motor_vehicle=destination”. “highway=pedestrian” automatically implies “foot=designated”, eliminating the need for that tag. However, “bicycle=yes” can be used.

“access=no” is meant for private roads only: roads that nobody can access without prior permission from the land owner.

Thus the tagging should be:



Correct. I agree.
However a “pedestrian-like” street tagged with highway=living_street needs access=no and foot=yes tags also.

highway=living_street would have the same tags as highway=pedestrian, thus:


“access=no” and “foot=yes” in such a scenario would just complicate things when foot access is already allowed.

highway=living_street already implies access=yes,
and that means that everything is allowed (motorcar, motorcycle, goods, hgv, psv, moped, horse, bicycle, foot).

So, it needs access=no to ban everything, and then we add only the tags that allow bicycle and foot and motor_vehicle=destination.

But “motor_vehicle” is a widely used catch-all tag for all motor vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, HGVs and buses. “access=no” is meant for private roads or roads in restricted areas like military bases, not public highways.


Oops!!!. My mistake. You are right.