Pedestrian crossing


How should I treat a pedestrian crossing that is sloping on one side of the street and has no floor guidance system for the visually impaired and is flat and has a floor guidance system on the other side?

Wie soll ich einen Fußgängerübergang behandeln der auf der einen Strassenseite abgeschrägt und ohne Bodenleitsystem für Sebehinderte und auf der anderen Seite flach und mit Bodenleitsystem ausgeführt ist?

You can add tactile_paving=incorrect, or maybe more suitable tactile_paving=partial to the crossing node.

The kerb can be tagged using kerb:left=* and kerb:right=* on the crossing. So you would tag one as kerb:left=lowered and the other as kerb:right=raised. The side (right/left) being determined by the direction of the way the crossing has been added on.

If the crossing is drawn as a way, you can off course add separate nodes to acts as kerb (barrier=kerb)

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