Pedestrian bridges leading from a sidewalk into a building

Many apartment houses in mountaneous towns have a bridge leading from the street straight into the 3rd or 4th floor (by the way, AFAIK the national record is held by three 19-storey buildings on HaLotem St in Nesher that have their entrances at the 8th and 9th floors). How would you tag these bridges? I tried “bridge=yes highway=footway building=residential”, but it makes them too prominent in the rendering, as if they were above the street. These are my attempts (on Yefe Nof St):,32.75824,35.0509,32.76575&layer=mapnik

Did you put “building=residential” on the bridge itself?

I tried it. Still looks the same.

Here is my attempt (HeAmal 35 Ramat Gan):

Don’t know why I proposed you to add building=residential on bridge…
Anyway, IMO, the bridge looks completely ok for me.