Pedestrian Area with two different names


I have a pedestrian area that has two different names, one for the north end & one for the south.
I want to label them as such.

I don’t want to map them as two separate areas because that would imply there’s a boundary/barrier.

Is there a tag that just displays the name but not an icon?
The closest I could find is the city/town tag but that would affect the search feature of OSM.

Dave F.

pedestrian area? Is that a highway=pedestrian, area=yes? didn’t know pedestrian areas had icons. Is that in osmarender you’re looking?

I suppose two separate areas doesn’t necessarily imply a boundary, just as two separate ways doesn’t imply two different roads (e.g. bridges are always separate ways) Wherever we need different tags, we separate elements.

Adjacent areas don’t imply a boundary/barrier at all, so that’s what you should do. They should share nodes where they touch each other, though.

Whatever you do, don’t tag a x as y because you like the rendering of y better. :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure i agree with you.

The problem arises because some renderers render some areas with a different colour border. It’s quite often the same way they render barriers such as fences.

Yes, I know, “don’t map for the render”, but I’m sure how to suggest to every renderer not to put borders on areas.

I wasn’t tagging because of what I liked, but because I wanted to find the best solution. Not sure the eyes roll was necessary.

Which renderers, and what sort of areas?
I’ve just found some pedestrian areas near me. Yes, they are shown with a black border around them. But if there’s 2 pedestrian areas right next to each other (ie sharing nodes), then only a faint grey line is shown between them. Which implies there isn’t any sort of barrier between them.
This is the case in both Mapnik and Osmarender.

Seeing that a area with a darker border is rendered the same way as many barriers it will be implied.

The fuzzy faint line at adjacent areas makes it look worse & more confusing.

Why are some area rendered with a border. Unless there’s a acceptable reason, I think they should be rendered without.

Dave F.