PDA TileManager


I have written a program for a Windows Mobile PDAs to download OSM map tiles along a GPX track. It can also download a rectangular or circular area in multiple zoomlevels at once. Its useful for all programs like OSMTracker or Run.GPS that use OSM tiles on the PDA.

You can find it here: PDATilemanager

.NET CF framework 2.0 or above is needed.

Since the program was downloaded several times for now but I haven’t received any feedback I want to ask if someone really uses my program and what you think about it.

There is a version for Windows PCs available too. It uses the same interface as the PDA version so it is not very nice on the desktop but it works a lot faster.

Please give some feedback or send me you suggestions.

Markus Stipp


a new version 0.6beta is available which works much faster and has a new update function. With the update function you can download old tiles again.

If you use the program, some feedback would be nice.