Payment only with operator fuel card?

How do you specify that a POI is only accessible if you have the payment card of the operator? It’s publicly available if you do have it, otherwise not on short notice…

Case in point this diesel pump that is only accessible if you have a payment card from the operator Driv Energi where someone created a note claiming it was closed

This specific location is only for trucks, hence tagged with hgv=yes, motorcar=no, but there are also stations for passenger cars that require their payment card

Possibly a case for access=permit?

“in cases where a permit is required, but is routinely granted to everyone requesting it”.

It isn’t unreasonable to use access to signal who can use an amenity. The access tagging of the surrounding infrastructure could of course be different.

There are a few payment keys for generic “operator cards”:

If this specific card is in more widespread use, you could create an own tag for it, e.g.
I suggest to add the “NO” for Norway to reflect its regional use.

In addition you can add payment:others=no to specify that the list of payment methods is complete.

Another option is the use of


But this is rarely used in combination with fuel stations.