pay edit service

I uploaded a GPS trace using the link: .

I do not see it on the map because I understood that I have to make some edit for the uploaded trace.

Is there the possibility to pay for this editing service and see directly the route on the map ?

Thanks for uploading your gps trace. You or others can now use it along with all the other traces to make corrections or additions to the openstreetmap.
If you wish to do this yourself you can use one of the editors listed under the ‘edit’ button at the top left of the page or select edit from the the traces page
I am not familiar with loading your trace in the iD editor and view on the osm and do the editing, so I cannot help in that regard. I use the JOSM editor which does require a little more effort to learn to use, so if I’ll leave that for you to pursue if you wish.

Normally it is expected that you would edit and remove bit of the trace that reveal your personal space like your or others houses that you visit whilst recording the track or parts where the reception is too poor to be of value, like when wandering around undercover in the the shopping aisles. There are simple track editors to do this before uploading to the osm. (I do that in JOSM first, then upload) Here is a list of sites/apps to edit the the gpx tracks/traces

If you instead would just like to view your gpx on an OpenStreetMap based map, these sites/apps will do that

Here is a web page where you can simply drag and drop the gpx file onto to see the track. is a great site too to view gpx files.

Finally, I think you should keep a firm hold of your money :slight_smile: