i am thinking about tagging a castle and writing down a how-to including the problems i have to solve.
I just thought about the first thing, the entrance. Its usally a building_passage as in this proposal.
I was also able to find this site and i like that one a lot (just, use tunnel=building_passage instead of just passage) but it seems like its not supported in kendzi (i started already an github issue about that).
Another possibility would be, split the building in 3 parts and tag the middle one with a min-height, but thats not correct imho because its still one building and not 3 different ones.
The same problem appears also in some old cities where a lot of buildings were built wall-to-wall and the passages are already tagged with tunnel=building_passage, with the tags mentioned above these can easily added, if someone wants to :smiley:

So, do you have other informations or tipps on how to tag that - i would like to use the one mentioned in Durchfahrt


building:part doesn’t mean that every part is a single building :wink:
Maybe it’s easier to split in three parts: left/right basement and one for the upper part of the building with the roof.
You define parts where is not a building. That is easy to map, but not easy to implement in 3D-rendering.

Ah, thats true, thanks. I forgot that one :slight_smile:

But, is a accepted tag and there is actually i picture of what i had in mind with castle-entrance. Kind of.
There would just be needed the height== and width= and maybe a passage_type=* and there are new and just 3D related ones.
While maxheight=* and maxwidth=* are already in the key:tunnel suggested.
I think for now i will go and tag with that one, as its the best one right now.

The tunnel=building_passage tag has been supported in OSM2World for a long time, but I’m not sure if any of the other renderers support it. It’s significantly more challenging to implement subtraction of volumes from a building compared to the purely additive modeling that’s at the core of S3DB, so it’s likely that most haven’t implemented it yet.

So, basically tag the tunnel=building_passage correct, width=* and height=* can actually be tagged too. If a renderer will render it, its already there. In Salzburg there would be a lot of examples for that.

And if i want it to be rendered now, i can tag it with all of above and additional tag it with building:part=* and the correct values so it will be rendered.

I will take a look into OSM2World, thanks. :slight_smile: