¿Parques en zonas residenciales y sus alrededores? - Parks in and around residential areas?

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Hemos recibido una queja relativa a la supresión de varios parques en la zona de Madrid, que luego han sido reasignados.

Entre ellos se encuentran
Way: 1208153193 | OpenStreetMap , que parece estar situado dentro de un complejo de apartamentos…, &
Way: 1208152988 | OpenStreetMap , que al parecer tiene varios complejos de apartamentos construidos en su interior?

No habría pensado que ninguno de los dos fuera clasificado como Parque, pero estoy consultando con todos vosotros para confirmar si estas son prácticas normales en España?


Graeme Fitzpatrick
Grupo de Trabajo de Datos OSMF

We have received a complaint concerning a number of parks being deleted in the Madrid area, and they have then been remapped.

They include
Way: 1208153193 | OpenStreetMap , which appears to be located inside an apartment complex?, &
Way: 1208152988 | OpenStreetMap, which apparently has a number of apartment complexes built inside it?

I wouldn’t have thought that either of them would be classified as a Park, but I’m checking with you all to confirm if these are normal practices in Spain?


Graeme Fitzpatrick
OSMF Data Working Group


Parks are public. Grass or garden areas with swimming pools and playgrounds inside residential areas that are not open to the public are not parks.

Neither the way 1208153193 nor the way 1208152988 are parks. The first one is a residential area (private area with grass, swimming pool, etc.). The second one could be tagged as «landuse=residential», but not «leisure=park».


Hey, has it been checked that those interiors have no public access tunnels that are unmapped?

They are private areas. You can check it in aerial images and street views available. They are the private interior zones of a residential area for the exclusive use of the neighbors. Something very common.

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I agree, but instead of delete it it’s better to change the properties of the area. The result is an edit fight

Gracias a todos por confirmar lo que sospechaba.

Thank you all for confirming what I suspected!

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Hi everyone!

I know that this is more or less resolved, but I wanted to confirm you that those are private spaces. I live nearby and have passed a lot of times nearby.

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My suggestion is to change the labels to the appropriate ones and remove building parts inside (as inner parts). Lets see if @VisionArmour fix it as in the blocking note he/she were told.

It will be great if you could check it but I guess it is clear through aerial images.