Parks often marked as green/greenland?

Hi, i’m mapping parks in munich, due to the officials are using OSM ( ), but a lot of their own small parks ( founded and operated by the City itself ) are marked as grass or greenland, even when tehy have playgrounds an park benches ( even in the map! ) in it. So i started changing a few of them to parks, but as i checked a week later they were changed back, so i searched a bit and found a bout a “pokemon Problem” where, as i think, older OSM mapper won’t allow them to make parks. But None of the parks isn’t one in real. I couldn’t even see who has changed this back. Can anyone give me hint how to tell those People that i was at thos park for real and i know about them? Than you very much!

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Yes, we currently have some problems people mapping areas to attract more Pokemon rather than describing what’s on the ground.

As the object/area meets the criteria for leisure=park ( it should be tagged as “park”.

You can check the editors of an OSM-Object by enabling the data-layer (on menu “Layers” on the right side of the screen). If you now click on the object you see the current tagging on the left side of the map. On the bottom there is a link to the history of the object, including which user did the changes.

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Were you previously mapping under the username cbosse? It looks like that user made some of the same changes to these areas a couple of weeks ago, and these were changed back by user BeKri. If that was you, then it seems suspicious that you’re now using a different account. If that wasn’t you, then it seems like BeKri has mistakenly thought these accounts were both you. You may want to contact BeKri to sort things out and see if they can clarify why they don’t consider these to be parks.

In my opinion, ‘park’ and ‘grass’ can exist independent of each other - a park usually consists of various areas, only some of which are grass. Thus I think that the better way to go would be to keep a ‘leisure=park’ on the area as a whole, and ‘landcover=grass’ or ‘landuse=grass’ or whatever on one or more sub-areas within the area.