I have some questions related to how to map a parking lot:

  1. In Romania we have a lot of blocks of flats next to each other and some very small roads for access between them. Some of these roads are there just to give access to a small parking lot in the back of the block of flats. Can I map these roads as service and to tag the last node of the road with amenity=parking (if it’s small enough to not require an area marked as parking)? Or should I put another node there next to the road?

  2. Some parking lots are just next to the road, there is nothing to separate the parking from the road. If I try to use the nodes of the road to create the area of the parking the Validator plugin in JOSM is complaining about overlappping ways (which is correct, but I don’t see any way of doing this). Do you have other way to map this kind of parking?

Yes, in my opinion you can mark those roads as service and add a parking mark to one of the nodes.

I would add a node besides the existing road marking it as parking, and/or add an parking area depending on the size. The area can be drawn close to the road or make use of existing segments between the road nodes. Not sure if the complaints from the validator plugin are valid :slight_smile: