Parking restriction value

Take your pick between parking:side:restriction=no_parking from the approved new schema street parking wiki (same as in old schema) or just no which was found in the Italian traffic signs wiki

Little doubt what ‘no’ means but which is understood by the data consumers as in ‘no what?’ (So happens the English No translates to Italian as No.). Stick to the documented root, and what JOSM and ID understand is what I’d choose for…


(And I’d like to soundboard this with international community for ‘no’ is really KISSed)

Looks an editing mistake. Use =no_parking certainly.
=no is ambiguous with =none for unrestricted. Besides, it should not be confused with parking:*=no for no parking space physically.

Not sure why no_parking became no in the Italian traffic signs wiki but think to have seen it in another Italian wiki as well. Maybe @ivanbranco has the inside on this. I’ll stick to the ‘global’ root English language wiki tag value as that I’m sure data consumers understand.