parking: private <=> public


Working on the map of my home town I asked myself how to deal with different parking areas, should there be a distinction?
I personally think: yes, there should.

Cases I think should be distinguished:

  • public parking free or for a fee (yes, I found the attribute “fee”…)
  • private parking for one or more shops/amenities (how to distinguish, if they are absolutely private or can be used publicly for a fee)
  • private parking for residents

are there attributes I have overlooked that do such distinctions?

Best regards, Florian.

… and another thing:

  • parking for a limited time only (parking-disc)

should have had another minute to think before I hit “submit”… :slight_smile:

Again: best regards, Florian.

Restrictions about time are (AFAIK) not implemented yet.

For access restrictions have look at
Shop parking-areas (“parking for customers only”) I tag as access=permissiv.

Resident parking - in my opinion - should be tagged as access=privat

for parking with disk:

Okay, thanks, thats most I needed.