Parking fee: Complex rules


Sorry for asking a question of this type again, but I’m not sure I’ve understood the documentation correctly.

I’m attempting to resolve this note.

Is this the correct tagging?

charge=0.50 EUR/hour
fee:conditional=yes @ (Mo-Fr 07:00-19:00)

The parking is mapped separately (hence no parking:left/right: prefixes).

The sign says:

  • Charge is 0.50 EUR/hour from Mo-Fr 07:00-19:00
  • Except if you have a resident’s permit B2


In principle, your approach is correct, but I would change two things:

  • Consider using fee=yes as the default, as you have to pay during the main usage times (weekdays during the day). The fee:conditional would then be no @ (Mo-Fr 00:00-07:00,19:00-24:00; Sa-Su). Doesn’t look nice, but might be more friendly for data users (which unfortunately often do not evaluate the conditionals).

  • As with all other attributes, please also use zone on stand-alone features without a parking:<side> prefix (i.e. simply zone=B2). A feature with the primary tag amenity=parking implies what type of zone is meant.

A special condition that excludes the fee for residents (e.g. fee:conditional = no @ residents) is not necessary as this is implied by the zone tagging.